the winding road

The Vision

Blue Light

A brilliant white and blue light fills your vision, then an ancient crumpled human clinging to a staff slowly appears before you.

The man appears to be clinging to the staff to hold him up. He also looks to be aged beyond the capabilities of the body, he should have died a hundred years ago. His body is curled and twisted beyond reason. The mans face is sunken, eyes recessed and mouth folded in. His hands are crumpled lacking the strength to open, fastening them firmly to the staff.

This brightly colored wood is fastened with forked pieces of metal which chime soothingly when it moves. When moved the staff always appears to be completely vertical.

“Greetings and congratulations champion, while you have been successful, you have failed.”

The vision fades away and you awake in a plain and quite obvious room of an inn.


tofukaiju tofukaiju

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